Some Kind of Identity

Jocelyn Allen, Emma Uwejoma and Sara Rejaie.

Some kind of identity brings together three diverse artists working within the medium of photography. Always pursuing a sense of identity, the work challenges the different approaches to a sensitive yet everyday subject. Through the act of self-portraiture new ways of challenging the approach to oneself physically, mentally and culturally reveal intimate documents.

‘Emma Uwejoma, Ngwako’. Photograph © Emma Uwejoma.

‘Emma Uwejoma searches for her own identity in the project Ngwako. Through the process of researching a sense of belonging in her Father’s heritage the project discovers the emergence of the Igbo tribe. Although she was raised in the western world with western values, her work aims to confront the traditional role of women in her Father’s background and where she might lie in this way of life. She questions her own identity as she grows up in a different culture.’

‘Your mind & body is all that you’ve got’. Photograph © Jocelyn Allen.

‘Jocelyn Allen works predominantly on the changing of her physical state. In the body of work ‘Your Mind & Body is all you’ve got’ a series of intimate portrayals of her body state the intention to bear all, not only physically but also emotionally. From every frown line and marks of aging sculpts a series that defines the passing of time and how our bodies evolve with the general wear and tear through daily life.’

sara glass 005
‘Assorted photographs’. Photograph © Sara Rejaie.

‘Sara Rejaie photographs more emotional depictions of identity. Her more immediate approach forms a blog aesthetic as her ideas form naturally. It becomes organic as each moment links up to the heart of the person in creative control. The maker in this instance is the work and her personality creates the gravitational pull.’

Some Kind of Identity opens at Open Floor, 102 Bute Street, Cardiff on 27th August and is curated by Alexander Norton. The exhibition runs till 3rd September. Their Facebook event page is here. @emmauwejoma @jocelynfreya @SaraRejaie

James O Jenkins