We received lots of positive feedback on social media from people who read our Pete Davis blog post about his ‘Photographs of Cardiff 1969-1972′ including BA Documentary Photography (University of South Wales, Newport) student Daragh Soden whose work about the south eastern area of Splott in Cardiff we are sharing here.

Splo' 002

Splott 001

‘My work began by looking for visual hints of ‘aspiration’ in Splott after reading Owen Jones’ Chavs:The Demonization of The Working Class, in which Jones criticizes David Cameron’s view of an apparent lack of aspiration among the working class as part of the reason for the poor circumstances in which many working class families find themselves.’

Splott 003 

Splott 003

‘In 1891 East Moors Steelworks was opened in Cardiff, Wales, a plant capable of manufacturing half a million tons of steel a year. To accommodate the workers of the steelworks, rows of terraced housing were built in estates nearby, forming the area of Cardiff known as Splott. In 1978, East Moors Steelworks ceased production.’

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“Being born into a prosperous middle-class family typically endows you with a safety net for life. If you are not naturally bright, you are still likely to go far and, at the very least, will never experience poverty as an adult. A good education compounded by your parents’ ‘cultural capital’, financial support and networks will always see you through. If you are a bright child born into a working-class family, you do not have these things. The odds are that you will not be better off than your parents”, Owen Jones.

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Daragh Soden (born in New York) is an Irish photographer working in the UK and Ireland. He is about to enter his third and final year studying Documentary Photography at The University of South Wales in Newport.

You can see more of Daragh’s work at cargocollective.com/daraghsoden

James O Jenkins