Cymydog / Neighbour

Triin Kerge

Triin Kerge’s work ‘Cymydog’ allows us to nosy into people’s front rooms on one street in Cardiff. Triin is also known for her work ‘Kodukoht’ (Place of Home) which reflects the changing tastes and seasons in Estonia after gaining independence from 50 years of Soviet occupation in 1991.

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‘For this project I was curious to meet my neighbours and observe the houses they lived in from inside. I was interested in finding out about the people who lived in these houses through their home surroundings and their use of the space. By knocking on each door on my side of the street I was seeking permission to photograph the insides of my neighbours front rooms, following the street from one end to another, choosing to use the same angle – the view of the room with the window showing the street outside.’

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‘Through the process I met all of my neighbours and I got the real sense of the community I am living in and am part of in my daily life. Most of my neighbours were very welcoming and happy to take part of the project, yet the blank pages in the book represent the houses that for one reason or another didn’t wish to take part. With this project I wished to comment to the complexities of constructing a sense of place and how even if given the same geographical position within the city, it varies from house to house, even though all the houses are on the same street.’

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Triin Kerge was born in Estonia and is now based in the UK working as a photographer having graduated from The University of South Wales, Newport in Documentary Photography. Her most recent bodies of work are around the theme of home.

You can hear Triin talking about her work at the Documentary Photography Graduate Exhibition here.

James O Jenkins