Gawain Barnard

A Line Runs Through Us

‘A Line Runs Through Us’ explores the South Wales transport system to examine the notion of disassociation and belonging within a small nation. The railway channels that once connected the thriving townships of the Rhondda Valleys have been abandoned to nature, converted to road or remain as a commuter corridor to Cardiff. In either case the once thriving mining villages of South Wales have been forced to regenerate and evolve, to question whether or not they’re a relevant workforce and cohesive community within a modern Wales.

The backdrop to the story is the seemingly transient nature of youth, changeable and reflective of the times yet reassuringly similar to the generation that came before. Our teenagers set a permanent and reassuring reminder that while their appearance shifts with time, a common and familiar undertone permeates. The same could be said for the enduringly slow but shifting South Wales landscape.