James O Jenkins


The civil engineering firm of Andrew Scott was founded in Scotland during the latter half of the 19th century by my great-great-grandfather Thomas Scott. They were located in Rutherglen, near Glasgow before Thomas Scott’s son Andrew moved the business to south Wales at the turn of the century.

Jobs completed in Scotland included the Partick Thistle football ground and Ayr harbour and when the business gravitated to south Wales Thomas Scott saw opportunities in the US where (in his late sixties) he worked in the coalfields of Pittsburg and Minnesota before he died, aged 92, in Long Beach, California.

In Wales, my great grandfather Andrew Scott settled in Aberavon and located near the dockside in Port Talbot, carrying out work for the original Port Talbot Steel Company. They named the new building yard Rutherglen as a reminder of Scotland and when Andrew died in 1945 my grandfather Douglas Scott left the army to take over.

This work is from both Rutherglen in Scotland and the Rutherglen my family created in Port Talbot. As well as the personal connection I have to both places, I see many comparisons with these two same name places that are separated by over 300 miles.