Y Sied

Joshua T Gibbons

Shed – ‘a simple roofed structure used for arden storage, to shelter animals, or as a workshop. A larger structure for storing or maintaining vehicles or other machinery’. However, for many people sheds mean much more and this blog post shares a mini-series of photographs by Joshua T Gibbons of men and their sheds in Pyle.

Equidistant between Cardiff and Swansea, Pyle is a village in the Welsh county of Bridgend found less than a mile from the M4 motorway. These are photographs featuring lifelong inhabitants of Pyle, within the intimate spaces in which they find so much solace and pride, Y Sied.

Whilst the area’s youth often seek employment in Swansea or Cardiff or further afield, ‘if you speak with the older generation though, they’ve a very different attitude. They are content, happy and proud to be a part of this sleepy community in Wales. Many of the men who express this contentment have something else in common, a hobby’.

‘These pursuits, that they care for deeply, range from fishing and hunting to astronomy, motorbikes and woodwork. Whatever the endeavor, they will almost always require a space to store equipment or carry out the hobby itself. This area is exclusively their own domain where they will spend countless hours, days and years. In this part of the world, these little spaces will usually be found at the bottom of the familial homes garden’.

“My head is in the shed”, Harry Bentley, RIP.

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