The definitive casino at Larmor la plage has just been completed after a wait of more than a year. As a reminder, a temporary casino has been installed in the Larmor-Plage bowling alley. The casino has thus moved to the new premises. The opening was successful for the establishment, as visitors came in droves.

The opening of the Larmor-Plage casino went well. 2,500 visitors made the trip to attend. It must be said that in addition to the good organization, this inauguration was successful, because the framework had something to do with it. Indeed, the casino has a good location, because it is by the sea. But there was also the fireworks display.

Sixteen months were needed for the work. This is a new start for the establishment, because now it can offer more games to players. In the new casino, visitors can now enjoy 100 slot machines while in bowling there were only 75. It also has 3 gaming tables including two blackjack tables and an English roulette wheel .

It also has a bar which is located on the ground floor. The “A” is the name given to its restaurant and which will open its doors on Friday the 13th. It also has a very large performance hall. There is also a parking lot that can accommodate 250 vehicles and which is free. The inhabitants were also invited so that they could be thanked for their patience during all the work. It must be said that living with what all this includes on a daily basis is quite difficult.

At the head of the casino, there will be Noëlle Le Boulicaut who will be responsible for 50 employees. But the establishment remains confident as the mayor is too. Indeed, Victor Tonnerre spoke by affirming that the city has been waiting for its real casino for 50 years. The number of players (2000 in all) as well as the visitors who came are already a reflection of a great success for the establishment. After this opening, the management decided to open the casino to visitors for a few days.

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